Welcome to Studio Lovelies!

How's it going?

We're fine! Thanks for asking!

So, yeah... Just wanted to welcome you to our website, feel free to look around :) There might be some hidden stuff!
No, there isn't... But it couldn't hurt to look for them! Just in case...

Anyways, I am Isaac, one of the lead programmers in the wonderful Studio Lovelies team. I made this cause, hum... the game is finished. Speaking of, "Game Grumps: Joint Justice" is the first of (probably) many projects to come from us, and we're very excited to show it to the world! We have a team composed of really talented artists, writers, composers, programmers and fantastic team leaders. We've all worked really hard on this since September of 2019. Well, I think so, I wasn't there for half of the project, I joined in August of 2020. And now boom here we are with a game that we hope you and the Grumps will love!
Well, looks like it's all the time I have! Don't forget to click on the "Contact" tab if you want to ask, complain, insult or just to stay in touch! I'll see you out there, I got to go and do se-
Stuff. Just, stuff.

- Isaac

What we're up to

Game Grumps: Joint Justice

The game

Production for the tutorial case is completed and we're extremely fortunate that the Game Grumps themselves have played the game! You can check out the first episode here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Skop4WFElhE. This is extremely exciting for everyone in Studio Lovelies, so thank you to the whole team, to the lovely Allie for helping us get on the show and - of course - the Game Grumps themselves for checking out our game!

Our first case and development of future potential cases is now underway, you can join the Discord server to watch development or even join the team!

Platform change

We used the LÖVE (love2d) engine to make this game, and unfortunately, this engine runs Lua, which is not the most powerful language.
On a better note, big chad Jape Falcon started converting the game into the Unity engine, so get ready for some better graphics, run-time, load times and new game mechanics!

Want more updates and to stay in touch with us? Join our Discord community server here or visit our "Contact" tab!